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Solia Professional Flat Iron Reviews For The Serious Hairstylist

A good flat iron like Solia flat iron is what every woman needs to express their hair and make it speak of their beauty. Yes! When we talk about beauty on a woman, we start from the hair. A healthy and lustrously shiny hair depicts beauty and uniqueness. Well, if you have in mind to look beautiful at all times, an investment in Solia tourmaline flat iron is the right place to start.

Wondering why already? There are flat irons and there are unique flat irons. This Solia ceramic flat iron has added another technology that will amaze you. Apart from gathering other great features which other flat irons have, this product has “A Dynamic Alignment System”

This is getting interesting right? Let’s explore this unique unit further.

Solia flat iron reviews

What Is Solia Iron Brand?

Solia Beauty is a well-known brand in the market place For The Flat Iron. The manufacturers incorporated all other features from other brands with an added special dynamic alignment system. Imagine having all these features and sold for a very affordable price too.

The solid tourmaline Solia hair straightener brand has ceramic plates that have tourmaline implanted in them. These plates create negative ions that promote lustrous shine on your hair. The temperature of this brand of flat iron ranges from 170F-400F and as you work, you can easily set it to suit your hair texture.

Talking about the advanced alignment system, the plates of this brand adjusts itself as you work so that the hair and the plates have perfect contact. As a result, no hair will be caught on the edges, no hot spot will be experienced and your end result will be perfect.

Solia Flat Iron Features and Specification:

Take a look Solia SuperHot Professional hair straightener reviews, Specification with Performance, User Experience and Customer Reviews and Final Recommendation with Consumers Reports 2017

Solia SuperHot Professional 1¼” Flat Iron

Quality and Technical Specification:Solia flat iron

Solia professional ceramic flat iron has some good features that work together to give you that “Wow” end result you desire. Let’s go ahead and see how these features perform.

Solia SuperHot 1¼” Professional Flat Iron has the ceramic plate which is enhanced with Tourmaline. This plate heats up very fast and creates negative iron 6 times more than others. With these ions, frizzy and coarse hair will end up shinning like a star. Wow! Do you say? Yes, that’s how good the iron really is.

Do you also know that Solia 1 inch flat iron works as a pressure equalizer when you are styling? During hair straightening, the unit equalizes the pressure of the unit as you work. As a result, there is no danger of pulling as the iron passes across the hair.

The temperature of the Solia flat iron can be adjusted to the level you want with the variable temperature controls that are in-built in the unit. So you have the option to set the temperature from 170F to 450F, depending on the hair texture you are styling or straightening.


Another important thing to note is that Solia tourmaline hair straightener has a wide plate which makes it easy to style short, medium and long hair either dry or weight. Also, you can create bangs with this unit due to its narrow design.

Features and Performance:

Let’s take a closer look at the unique features of Solia SuperHot 1¼” Professional Flat Iron in comparison with others in the market.

Solia SuperHot Professional hair straightener Features:Solia flat iron hair straighteners

  • Solia hair straightener has wide plates that can be used for all hair sizes/volume.
  • The plates are ceramics and enhanced Tourmaline for a perfect heat that produces a shiny and lustrous hair.
  • It has a Dynamic Alignment System which aids you to grip the hair once instead of repetitive pass.
  • The unit produces negative ions which stop your hair from frizzing and retains moisture all day long
  • It has in-built temperature controls which help you to adjust the heat as you require
  • The temperature of this iron ranges between 170F to 450F which can be adjusted to suit any hair type
  • The sizes range from 1.25 inch to 1.75 inches so you can select the size you want and also comes in different color if you like a splash of finery.

Solia flat iron hair straighteners

product reviews and Rating By Editor:

There are so many Solia flat iron reviews which you can find on Online. If you visit their product page, you can judge for yourself how good the product is. You will get to read so many good reviews on this product, how the users are rating it and their personal experience with it.

To be frank, the number of reviews on this product is clear evidence that it has stolen the hearts of many women and professional stylists out there. The Dynamic Alignment system which reduces damages on hair, the negative ions heat and the tourmaline enhanced plates are some features that users are happy with.

However, the only complain about this flat iron is the heat that can burn your hair if it is not adjusted to your hair texture.

Why you buy The Solia hair straightener?

One good thing about Solia hair straightener is that you can achieve the best results with little effort. Is designed to straighten your hair whether it is dry or weight. We know some irons that you wouldn’t dare use on your hair if it is wet. Another important thing that suits users is the ceramics plate which is enhanced with tourmaline. It gives you the smooth and shiny results you desire.

Solia SuperHot 1¼” Professional Flat Iron negative ions produced by the unit also assures users of an even distribution of heat and retaining of moisture all day long. It also works to prevent your hair from frizzing after styling. One other you will enjoy about this iron is that it lasts for a very long time. Yes! Many users have attested to having theirs for more than five years and it hasn’t developed any electrical fault which may necessitate repairs.

Final Recommendation:

We strongly recommend Solia flat iron for all hair types and styling needs. It has a complete feature plus an additional Alignment system to work effectively on your hair. The negation ions and even distribution of heat will give you the end result you desire

If you have this unit at home, you don’t need to rush to the salon anytime you want to style your hair. You can use it at home and achieve that sexy and lustrous hair that your friends can envy. Also, bear in mind that Solia SuperHot 1¼” Professional Flat Iron is very affordable so you don’t have any excuse not buying one today.

Share this Solia flat iron review with your friends today because someone among your friends out there is searching for this particular flat iron.

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