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Chi Air Expert Hair Straightener For The Serious Hairstylist

Keeping your hair straight, curly, shiny and bouncy is possible and at the tip of your fingers with Chi Air Expert. It doesn’t have to end with the desire alone. Supporting it with a purchase action will make your dreams come true.

You don’t need to wait for the hair stylist to get your hair looking healthy and bouncy. Have you considered situations when it is urgent or when your schedule is so hectic that the time to visit a hair salon is not there?

You can take care of your hair today by getting the chi air flat iron. Yes! With these flat irons, your hair will look good and beautiful always. This brand of hot iron has stolen the hearts of both professional and personal stylists because it has been improved for higher performance and now comes in different types and colors.

If you are yet to own a flat iron, read this comprehensive chi air expert reviews on CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Fire Red, CHI Original Pro 1 inch Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Hair Straightener and CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron and pick it today. You will be happy you did.

What Is Farouk Chi Flat Iron Brands?

Even though there are many brands of flat irons in the market today, chi air expert is the leading flat iron in the market. Farouk Chi Hair Straightener brand is one of the first ceramics flat irons that made waves during the early years in the industry and has been leading since then notwithstanding the stiff competition among flat irons in the market.

CHI air expert classic has been around for 20 years now.  It is made with smooth plastic housing and ceramics plates. Initially, the first ones came in black colors but through innovations, there are other colors and types.

This brand of flat iron heats up quickly and also remains hot throughout your work. It also has heat controls that can be found inside the housing to regulate the temperature to suit your hair styling needs. As you read on, you will get to find out the overall features that make this product worth your investment.

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Chi Air Expert Flat Iron Features and Specification:

Take a look Chi Air Expert hair straightener reviews, Specification with Performance, User Experience and Editor Reviews and Final Recommendation with Consumers Reports 2017

CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron in Fire Red

Quality and Technical Specification:

Chi Air Expert flat iron reviewsCHI air expert flat iron is designed with good features to serve your every styling need. The product has solid ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly and also stay consistently at that level. The good thing about this consistency is that there will be no need for touch-ups as a result of hot spots after styling.

Another important feature that boosts the performance of CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Flat Iron is the recent addition of Tourmaline to the iron’s standard plates. This gemstone is crushed and layered on the plates to provide a smooth surface with a consistent heat that promotes hair straightening.

One good thing about this Hair Straightener is the time it takes to straighten hair. According to experts, CHI PRO AIR 1 Inch Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron shortens the time it takes to straighten hair by a whopping half. This is so amazing because even though you are running late to an occasion, you can still fix your hair very quickly.

CHI PRO AIR 1 Inch flat iron has heat controls that are placed inside the plastic housing of the iron to prevent you from hitting it when you are working. There is also a temperature setting and an indicator light that alerts you when the iron hits the correct temperature. These features promote accuracy in straightening different hair textures.

The small plastic housing of this iron makes it very effective when you want to curl, flip or apply waves on your hair. As a result of this attribute, you don’t need to acquire extra tools for curling or adding waves to your hair.The conclusion of it all is that using Chi Air Expert Hair Straightener is a great styling tool that assures you a perfect hair for every occasion.

Features and Performance:

There are so many features that make this brand of flat iron very unique, efficient and recommendable. Its temperature control dials and Tourmaline enhanced ceramic plates are exceptional features of this product. We have made a list below so you can understand why this flat iron is a worthy investment.

CHI PRO AIR 1″ Ceramic Straightener in Fire Red Features:

  • 1-inch ceramics plates that heat very fast for all hair type
  • Tourmaline gems for extra smooth and heat consistency
  • Chi Pro Air Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Different ranges of Heat settings that allow you to set it to your hair texture

  • A temperature control dial to gradually increase heat
  • Ionic technology which uses heat and ions to seal moisture inside the hair shaft.
  • An indicator light which shows when you have reached the preferred heat level
  • A slim shape which allows you to reach closer to the scalp for proper Hair straightening
  • The smooth plates which make hair straightening easier.

CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron

Quality and Technical Specifications:

Chi Air Expert Hair StraightenerThis different hair straightening iron is perfectly designed for an upgrade in technology to last longer and to give you many styling options, no wonder it is a rave amongst both professional hair stylists and home users. It is designed with the ionic technology together with the far-infrared heating system to smoothen and condition the hair, eliminate static and frizz and at the same time to leave the hair damage-free. The rounded edges of CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron are specially built so as to give you styling versatility.

It is designed with the Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline technology which enables this styling iron to distribute even heat throughout the whole hair to straighten your hair in no time at all. This awesome hair straightening flat iron is designed to heat up very fast within 6 seconds to reach up to 405 degrees Fahrenheit. With this straightening iron, you don’t need to worry about accidentally shifting the temperature setting as it has an in-built heat lock option.

CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Hair Straightener designed to be light in weight with its 1 pound weight and 1.5 inches in length for your styling comfortability. The tourmaline ceramic plate is made from high-quality materials so as to create superior and professional silky hair styles. Attached to the CHI Original Pro Flat Iron is an 8 feet long swivel cord for your twist and tangle-free movement. Also designed in the mechanism of this great straightening iron are negative ions that lock in moisture to bring out the natural shine of the hair.

Features and Performance:

There is no doubt that this incredible hair straightening flat iron is one to be proud of. It is authentically to be durable and to give you multiple styling options. Below are its unique features that make for its high performance.

CHI Original Pro 1” Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Hair Straightener Features:

  • The far infrared technology of this straightening iron is an advanced level so as to smoothen your hair perfectly.Chi Air Expert Hair Straightener reviews
  • Its tourmaline ceramic plates are made with the best quality so as to create the exact professional standard styles.
  • CHI Original Pro 1 Inch Hair Straightener designed with specially curved plates to enable you to create versatile styles.
  • Also to ensure that you have a tangle-free movement during the styling session, 8 feet long swivel cord is attached to it.
  • The CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron is designed to heat up within 6 seconds and reach up to 405 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • It also boasts of a temperature lock option which prevents accidental changing of the heat range.
  • Chi Air Expert straightening device is designed with ionic technology which emits negative ions that hydrate the hair and also protects it from heat damage.
  • The floating ceramic plates are designed to prevent hair pulling.
  • It is intended to be a lightweight of 1 pound and 1 inch long.

CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron pure pink

This iron is the best straightening iron that doesn’t burn your hair instead it will give you super soft hair with added shine. It is designed to heat up fast so as to save you time and simple too so that you can use it efficiently.

Quality and Technical Specifications:

Chi-Air-Expert-flat-iron-reviewsThis is the best hair straightening iron that will give you multiple styling options to satisfy your hair needs. It is specially designed to emit negative ions and far infrared heat technology to eliminate static in electricity to create smooth and frizz-free hairs.The tourmaline ceramic technology of CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron is made to create silky-smooth and shiny hairs. In order to ensure a tangle-free movement, a 9-foot long swivel cord is attached to the CHI Air Expert Hairstyling Iron.

The tourmaline ceramic design of the plates ensures a quick to heat straightening iron which maintains even heat distribution throughout the whole session. It is specifically designed to have variable heat settings with a temperature dial that reach up to 180-410 degrees Fahrenheit.

The CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Iron is ergonomically designed to remain cool to the touch throughout the whole styling time. It is also packaged in a heat resistant box for your easy carrying.It is built with floating plates to make sure that the straightening iron glides smoothly through the hair to avoid pulling the hair.

The Chi air straightener Hairstyling Iron is designed to be slim and light in weight making it possible to get near to the roots of the hair to style excellently. The compact design will also make it feasible to use this flat iron as a hair straightener and also as a curling iron.

Features and Performance:

This is the best straightening iron that will give you a free hand to use your imaginations to create beautiful hair styles. It is designed with outstanding features that enable it to perform excellently. Such as:

CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Iron features:

  • It is made with a temperature dial which allows the heat to rise to the desired heat option gradually.
  • The handle is ergonomically designed to remain cool to the touch.
  • It heats up very quickly and has adjustable temperature settings that range from 180-410 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The plates are made to be ultra-smooth with even heat distribution to prevent snag or to pull the hair.
  • CHI Air Expert Classic Tourmaline Ceramic Hairstyling Iron 1-inch plate enables this straightening iron little enough to create bangs, ringlets, tight curls and smooth hair lock with shine.
  • It is designed to emit negative ions and the far-infrared heat technology to reduce static and to eliminate frizz.
  • It comes attached to a 9-foot long swivel cord for your twist and tangle-free movement.
  • CHI Air Expert Classic Flat Iron plate is made with the tourmaline plus ceramic technology to ensure silky smooth hair with shine.

why You Buy The Chi air flat iron?

Chi Air Expert is a hair straightening Iron that promotes the user-friendly experience. The small housing makes it easy to use for all hair styles and practices. You don’t only straighten your hair; you can flip it, curl and add waves to your hair.

Another feature that users like is the temperature dial. It gives you more options than the conventional low, medium and high-temperature settings. You can gradually increase the heat of the flat iron with the dials. With the slim design of the iron, you can get closer to the scalp of the hair and perfect your style along the entire length of the hair. Also with ionic technology, you can seal moisture inside the hair shaft.

Product Reviews and Rating By Editor:

In order to know more of chi air expert reviews and feedback, what previous users are saying and their ratings on the product, we suggest you visit the product page.

The figure is a clear indication that the product has stolen the hearts of hair stylist and is bound to get more people. The Tourmaline enhanced ceramics plates, heat-control dials, and the indicator light make styling very fast and easy. There is no technical fault on this flat iron rather than a need to improve the temperature so that coarse hair texture can be easily accommodated.

Final Recommendation:

Chi Air Expert Flat Iron is a very good and effective flat iron you can purchase to make all your hair straightening styling.  The iron maintains its heat as long as it lasts. It doesn’t matter how many times you use it, CHI PRO AIR 1 Inch Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Straightener plates are designed to remain smooth and snag-free even while working on a thick hair.

This brand comes highly recommended for all women both stylists and individual users. Many users have good things to say about it as can be seen in chi air expert reviews. Buying yours today is the best investment you can make. With it, you are assured of that curly and lustrously shiny hair for all occasions.

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