How To Create Waves With Flat Iron?

There are days when straight hair looks boring and curly hair is a little too much. When you are not in the mood of putting effort into your look but you still want to look like your best, go for wavy hair. This hairstyle is getting all the hype and it is totally worth it.

Loose fresh curls that look organic are a dream for everyone. Do you know what’s the best part about waves? You do not need a curling iron for it and that process is really simple! You can use a flat iron to get curly hair at home. Read the entire guide without skipping.

How To Create Waves With Flat Iron?

Beach Wave Curl

Here are some techniques that will help you in learning how to create beach waves with a flat iron.

1. Twist and Pull

Before styling your hair, spritz heat protectant all over your hair. Detangle your hair nicely so they do not get stuck in the styling tool. Part your hair into sections of 1 inch each.

Now take one section and place the flat iron near the roots diagonally. Rotate the flat iron half a turn away from your face and glide it down your hair.

Release the tool when it reaches the end of your hair. Repeat this step but this time, rotate the styling tool towards your face. Do the same process for the entire hair.

If you want bouncy waves then take the front section of your hair, glide the tool to the eyebrow level, turn the flat iron away, and then pull the section back.

2. Full Waves

Start by drying your hair and applying a heat protectant spray. See to it that there are no knots present in your hair. You can also use a detangling brush on your hair before styling them for effortless application.

Divide your hair into several sections of 1.5″ each. Grab one of the sections and place the flat iron near the roots. Take the hair below the flat iron and roll them around it just like you do with a curling iron.

Hold this position for a few seconds till the hair gets heated. Now slowly move the flat iron in the opposite direction in which you have rotated the section of your hair.

Glide the tool slowly down your hair and release them. With your fingers, open these loose curls and you will have perfectly wavy hair. Finish off the process by applying a serum or a setting spray.

3. Braid and style

This method is fairly simple and the outcome is truly incredible. For this method, you will need a flat iron, two rubber bands, and a comb. First of all, divide your hair into two equal sections.

Braid each section that starts from the eyebrow and not from the top of the roots itself. Ensure that the braid is loose as only then you will get relaxed waves. Secure the ends of the braids with rubber bands.

Now, take the flat iron and glide it over this braid multiple times. Do this until your hair is heated entirely. Open your braids now and run your fingers through your hair to make the waves seem more natural.

Apply a setting spray or a serum so the waves last longer and your hair also looks shinier. If you wish to have thicker waves then make the braids tighter.

Tips for styling with a flat iron

1. Dry hair

Always style your hair when they are completely dry. You surely don’t want to fry your hair so blow dry them before using any styling tools.

2. Heat protectant

All the heat from styling tools can damage your hair. To prevent this, use a heat protectant spray on your hair before using any tool. Invest in a decent quality spray so you can have gorgeous hair without any damage.

3. Practise

Practice these techniques with the heat off. Once you master the methods, you can try the styles with the heat on. Try the techniques a few times and you will get it right.

Final Words

Wavy hair is the style of the season and you can achieve it too as it is super easy. Styling your hair with a flat iron takes less time. Try out different wavy hairstyles and ace every outfit without putting in much effort.

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