How to Clean a Hair Straightener Step By Step Guide

How to Clean a Flat Iron Beginners Easy Guide

We have successfully convinced you to get your own flat iron and now, we present you with detailed information on how to clean hair straighteners.

For some time now, we have been reviewing many brands of hair straighteners. So many have warranty while others don’t. No matter how many years a flat iron has a warranty, if you don’t take proper care in maintaining it, it will break down very quickly.

Flat Iron like any other appliance needs to be cleaned and stored away under good conditions. If you allow it to rust, it may lead to dangerous occurrences like burning or peeling. As you read this guide on How to clean your flat iron and practice it you are assured of a long lasting hair straightener.

How to Clean a Hair Straightener Step By Step Guide

  • What is a hair straightener

A hair straightener is a beauty tool used by women and hair stylists to smoothen, straighten and style their hair.  Some hair straighteners can also be used as curling equipment. It is used with electricity and has temperature settings which can be fixed or adjustable to your hair requirement. It is also called a flat iron.

  • How to clean a hair straightener

Cleaning your hair straightener is very necessary. Some of the hair products you use while styling can cause a build-up of foreign bodies on the surface of your flat iron plates. You don’t need to wait for such a long time before you engage in cleaning your hot iron.

There are some disadvantages to leaving your iron dirty and still use it. If you don’t clean it, it may cause damages on the iron like rusting. On your hair, it may cause snagging, spilt ends and breakages. In order to avoid this, we are presenting you with a full guide on how to clean your flat iron.

Tips for cleaning a hair straightener: 

If you are using a flat iron, follow these tips to get it well cleaned for a long lasting usage. There are many things you can use to clean your flat iron. They include:

  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Baking soda
  • Alcohol
  • Acetone

There are different ways of using each item and we are going to explain further. But before you start, you must do these two things:

  1. Plug the iron to a power outlet
  2. Allow it to heat up for few seconds and unplug it.

When the flat iron is warm and not hot, you can do the following depending on the cleaning agent you want to use.

  • Lemon juice

Get a piece of cloth and soak it with the juice and place it on the surface of the plates. After 20 minutes, use a nail brush and scrub the plates very gently.

  • Water

You can use a piece of cloth or face-wipe to clean the plate surface. Soak the cloth in cold water and press out the excesses. When it is just damp, rub it gently on the plates

  • Baking soda

Form a solution of baking soda mixed with water. Use cotton ball and apply the mixture on the plates

  • Alcohol

A few drops of alcohol on a wet piece of cloth can also do the trick of cleaning your iron plates. Just avoid scratching the surface as much as you can

  • Acetone

This is also known as nail remover and it works perfectly on heavy build-ups on the surface of your flat iron. Just apply it on the surface and leave for 30 minutes. Then use a piece of cloth to clean the plates

How to Clean a Hair straightener Plates:

If you are using a flat iron and not cleaning it, you are already planning to damage it. Some personal users don’t need to clean their flat iron with much procedure. All you need is to use a piece of cloth and gently wipe off the dust that has accumulated on the plates.

 However, flat irons being used regularly especially by hair stylists need a thorough cleaning due to accumulated dirt from

Things you will need:

Before you start cleaning your flat iron, there are some items you must gather or certain things necessary for a thorough clean.

  1. Alcohol/flat iron cleaner
  2. Paper towel /piece of cloth
  3. Steel wool
  4. Tooth pick
  5. Tooth brush

How to Clean a Hair Straightener  Step By step Process

After you have gathered these items, the real work begins

  • Apply the flat iron cleaner or alcohol on the surface of the plates. Remember that the plates should be cool and not warm so that the agent will not evaporate. Allow it to soak the plates for a few minutes
  • Use a paper towel or a clean cloth to wipe the surface gently while you use a cotton swab for the small grooves on the plates
  • If there are some stubborn stains remaining in the smallest crevices, you can use a tooth pick to remove them. After this, dip a toothbrush in rubbing alcohol and clean the plate’s surfaces.
  • Now that you finished cleaning, check if there are tiny nicks on the surface of the plates. This can cause damages to your hair if they are not removed
  • Use the steel wool pad and remove burnt build up. If you ignore it, it may cause breakage to your hair.

Be careful When cleaning your flat iron:

There are things you should be careful with while cleaning your flat iron.

  • Always un-plug your iron before cleaning
  • Don’t clean when it is hot
  • Don’t rub the surface of the plates too hard or use a hard object on it. This may cause scratching on the plates
  • Don’t soak the flat iron in any liquid substance
  • Don’t leave your iron too long for dirt to build up.

Summery Of How to Clean a Flat Iron:

Like every other appliance, you must always clean your flat iron to free it from the build-up of dirt caused by those styling products like oil which can cause rust on it.

We have presented you with this guide on how to clean hair straightener plates. It is now your job to apply them and use your flat iron for a long time.

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