How To Take Care Of Hair After Straightening

Women all over the world, whether young or old, love to straighten their hair. But the problem which every woman faces is how to take care of hair after straightening.

Actually, the trend nowadays is to carry straight hair. Many women who are naturally endowed with curly or wavy hairs go to make their hair straight.

Who can blame them? I also love to straighten my hair from time to time because it makes the hair look longer, softer, and shiny.

There are some methods you can use to straighten your hair. Some people use hair straighteners, artificial styling methods while others make use of chemicals. Whichever one you use can cause damage to your hair if not checked.

There are many ways to take care of your hair after straightening to avoid cutting and shrinking. We are happy to present you with these tips on how to prevent heavy hair fall after straightening.

How To Take Care Of Hair After Straightening

Take care of hair after staightening

You should always take care of your hair after straightening it. These are some tips you must follow-

1. Always Lubricate Your Hair

Don’t allow your hair to become dry and brittle. But, you may ask- what to put on hair after straightening?

The answer is- to use some essential oils to nurture your hair. There is nothing that cuts hair faster than dryness. If you allow your hair to be dry of oil, any attempt to comb or pack it will lead to breakages.

2. Rinse it Thoroughly

Rinsing your hair will give a lustrous shine. However before you even step into the shower, make sure you use a wide-toothed comb to detangle the hair.

Please make sure you don’t dip the comb in the middle and draw. Start from the end and slowly move to the top.

When you do this before rinsing, you will have lesser problems after the shower like untying stubborn knots.

3. Use the right water temperature

This may sound funny but it is very necessary. Any water you want to use for your hair should not be hot or warmer than room temperature. It is always preferable to use cold water to avoid more dryness in your hair.

Coldwater preserves some natural oil that the scalp secretes. These oils help to keep hair lubricated. If you rinse your hair with warm water, these oils will be dried up.

4. Apply Shampoo Right way

Ordinarily, no one will care about how you shampoo your hair but in this situation, we are concerned about post straightening shampooing. So you see? There is a difference.

Before you start washing, dilute your shampoo in a little container with water. Apply it to your scalp while your hair is down. Please don’t pile your hair high on your head to avoid tangling.

If your hair is long and you don’t know which shampoo to use after permanent hair straightening, divide your hair into sections and gently rub the organic shampoo on the hair very gently.

5. Rinse Uut Gently

Don’t fight your hair in the name of rinsing. Use your wide-toothed comb and comb your hair gently under the shower. Don’t wash your hair harshly. Remember, when your hair is damp, it is very fragile and can be cut easily.

As you comb gently, you will detangle the knots and also rinse out the shampoo entirely. When you think the shampoo is cleaned off, stay under the shower for some minutes and allow the water to run down your hair. After this, wrap your hair in a soft towel.

6. Apply a leave-in conditioner

Using a good conditioner after shampooing is one sure way of easy detangling. Conditioners don’t just nurture your hair; they keep it healthier and straighter.

The best-recommended type to use after straightening is the leave-in conditioner. If you use this conditioner daily, you can maintain straight looks and cleanliness for a long time.

The second method of conditioning your hair is the deep condition treatment. You can discuss with your hairstylist a suitable one to undergo. A deep conditioning treatment allows you to maintain your style and also keeps your hair shiny.

7. Use the hair mask treatment

One good thing about hair masks is that it is a good way to provide the necessary minerals and vitamins which keep your hair healthy.

Don’t be surprised. Some treatments like that are a combination of fresh fruits and some vitamins which are helpful to hair growth and health.

If you apply a hair mask from time to time, you are not only maintaining the structure of your hair but also feeding your hair with essential minerals and vitamins to grow.

8. Comb with a white tooth comb

If you want to spend less time caring for your hair during the day, use a white tooth comb to detangle all the knots in your hair. It provides you with the easiest way to keep your hair straight and shiny.

Many women lose their hair due to impatience. Don’t be too eager to straighten your hair if you are not going to take care of it.

A woman’s hair makes her very unique and beautiful. A healthy and lustrously shiny hair speaks volumes about the owner.

If you can’t take care of your hair personally, it wouldn’t hurt to engage the services of a stylist. At least, they are trained in the act of styling and maintenance. All you will need is a budget that may not be too demanding.

However, if you can handle your hair yourself, please do it with care, patience, and a little feeling.

I know you are saying what feeling? If you really love your hair, pamper it. Buy good oils, shampoo, conditioner, and the best flat iron.

Final Verdict

Follow these steps which we have listed out. Don’t just wash your hair and start massaging it anyhow. Don’t allow your hair to be dry at all. Use good hair creams and treat your hair to vitamins and minerals from time to time.

I think we have said it all. The best thing to do is to start practicing these things and not discard them after reading.

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Save someone’s hair today!

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