Top 10 tips and tricks for hair straightener user

Useful Tricks For All Flat Iron Users 

Hello! Do you love the flat iron like I do? Well if you do, this article is for you. There are some important tips which you must know and practice as it concerns using your beauty tool.

The flat iron can be a two-edged sword. It can make your hair very beautiful and it can also damage your hair. Discouraging right? The truth is you can only reap the benefits if you want and I tell you, they are many. Or you can also be left with regret over using it.

So how do you reap the benefits and avoid the damages? Follow these tips and you will be satisfied always.

tips and tricks for hair straightener user

  • Determine the plate size for your hair.

We have actually taken the time to equip our readers on the plate sizes for specific types of hair but there is no harm in making it clearer here. If you have pixie cut or bangs, the mini flat iron can perform great for it. If you have a short and fine hair, you can go for the 1 inch plate size.

For those with a shoulder-length but thick hair, the 1 ¼ inches iron is theirs, if you have a thick, coarse, curly and long hair, you can quietly buy the 1 ½ inches flat iron. If your hair is thick and very long, the 2 inches plate size will work wonders for you.

  • Determine the technology you need on a straightener

There are different technologies found on Hair Straightener. There is the Tourmaline, Titanium and Ceramic.

Tourmaline is a crushed up mineral infused on a flat iron plate. It enhances smoothness, shine and reduces frizz on hair after straightening. A tourmaline coated iron plate assures you a straighter and shinier end results

Titanium plates are known for fast heat-up, even distribution of heat and quick heat recovery. It is better suited to hairs that are coarse, curly and very thick. If you are not mindful of how you use the titanium plates, it can cause damages to your hair.

Ceramic plates are the best when you talk of distributing heat evenly. It doesn’t burn hairs easily. You can use it on fine hair and medium hair but it can cause snagging if the coatings on the plates chip-off.

  • Always use a heat protectant

Have you been close to the fireplace longer than necessary before? At a point, your skin will start getting hot and you will be forced to run away. Now imagine exposing your hair to 360 degrees of heat every morning or twice in a week.

The long run effect will be devastating. Your hair will be dry and break easily. If you use a thermal heat protection on your hair before blow drying or straightening, the negative effect of heat on your hair will be minimized.

  • Start with a lower temperature

Handling your hair with care is just the best way to enjoy it for a longer period of time. If you are in a hurry, please don’t use the flat iron. You don’t need to start with a temperature of 450 degrees on your hair. Start lower and gradually adjust the heat level. Don’t rush to fry your hairs; no one will bear the loss but you.

  • You create different styles with your flat iron

There are some tricks which you can perform on your hair with the flat iron. The options are not limited to straight hairs only. You can create a volume on your crown and you can also add curls to your hair with the flat iron. How?

If you want to create volume, you can flat -iron your hair up towards the ceiling little by little to create volume on your crown. If you want to apply curls, you can take a little section of your hair between the plates and wrap it around the iron starting from the tips to the base of your hair. After a few seconds, you lose it and see how the curls will bounce.

  • Use a flat iron and a smoothening comb together

If you want to achieve the perfectly smooth and straightened hair, do this always. If you want to work on any section, start with the comb from the base. As you gradually comb down to the tips, place your flat iron behind the comb and also move it down as you do with the comb. Repeat this each time. The comb start and the iron come behind. This means that you will work with your two hands at the same time.

  • Clean your flat iron regularly

A clean iron makes a healthier hair. Don’t allow your iron to have a build-up of dirt for all those chemicals and oils used on hair. When you finish using it, use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to clean it up. This will make your tools last for a very long time.

  • Always cover your ear

Before using the flat iron, find some ear cover and cover your delicate ear. I know that you don’t want to endure the pain that a burnt ear can cause you. They don’t cost much so try and get yours.

  • Buy some accessories

There are some necessary accessories you can pick from the salon which will make you work faster. Hair clips are used to hold your hairs up as you section them while a holster can hold the flat while you section your hair.

  • Use your flat iron on your shirt collar

You can use your flat iron to straighten the collar of your shirt too. Great isn’t it?

I believe you have learnt a lot. It doesn’t end here. Put these tips into practice if you are a user of the flat iron. These tips will help you to avoid damages and also enhance your results.

If this Top 10 tips and tricks for hair straightener user article has helped you, share it so that your friends can benefit from it. If you need more of this, go through our topics and you will get more insights when it comes to flat irons.